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Stunning wooden floors deserve the very best care and attention. Hardwood floors need plenty of TLC to keep them looking their very best. If you have a hardwood floor in London that isn’t looking as good as it should be, or you’ve just pulled back some old carpets to reveal a hidden gem of a hardwood floor underneath, it’s time to call in the experts.


At the Hardwood Floor Repairing Company we do exactly what our name says – we sand and restore hardwood floors, giving them the attention they deserve and bringing old and tired hardwood floors in London back to life. Whether it’s a hallway or a dance hall, your stairs or an outside space, we can help.

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Who are we?

At The Hardwood Floor Resurface Company we’ve been working with homeowners, landlords and businesses all over London for nearly a decade, repairing, restoring and reviving hardwood floors. London is home to some exquisite floors, from hardwood boards to delicate parquet tiles, and they need specialist attention to keep them looking their best. So we use the very latest equipment and years of experience and expertise to gently repair and resand wooden floors, stripping away years of dirt and revealing fresh new hardwood underneath.


Homeowners and businesses trust us to do a great job, and in fact much of our work comes from personal recommendations. If you want to see how we can turn even the dirtiest wooden floor into a thing of beauty that adds real value to your home, have a look at our gallery. Or find out what our clients say by reading our Testimonials here.

What do we do?

We do exactly what our name says – we repair, restore and bring back to life old and tired wooden floors, getting rid of those annoying squeaks and creeks along the way, and giving you a hardwood floor that you’ll be proud to show to your friends for years to come.


All our technicians have years of experience in sanding wooden floors in London. But what’s more important is that they have a real passion for what they do. Every floor is unique, so we treat every single job, no matter how big or small, as our most important assignment. The result is a flawless finish and a warm and welcoming home that looks stunning, is easy to keep clean and is even potentially healthier for anyone suffering from respiratory or allergy problems.

Why is a hardwood floor so special?

Unlike softwoods like pine, hardwoods are slow growing trees that are a finite resource. Often, you hear of companies saying that they choose wood from sustainable forests. For softwoods, that’s relatively easy as pine and spruce is fast growing and can be replanted very easily. However, hardwood is rarer, more precious and subsequently more expensive. That’s why if you do have the good fortune to have a hardwood floor then we suggest you make the most of this precious asset by calling us to give it the care and attention it deserves!


We take care of softwood floors too, but our real passion is for the glorious depth and unique colour palette you get with hardwood floors, their unique properties and their undeniable beauty. They’re a real asset to any home.

Why sand your hardwood floors?

Over the years, dirt and grime can build up, while high traffic areas such as hallways or public areas can suffer from serious ‘wear and tear’. Gaps can appear, allowing draughts to cause cold spots in your home and driving your heating costs up.


That cap of grime over the surface can be a good thing in that it preserves the wood underneath, but if you want to show your wooden floor off then you need to remove that dirt to reveal fresh wood underneath. At the same time those gaps can be filled and repairs made so your floor is in great condition, and not letting heat escape through cracks and gaps in the floorboards.

What’s involved?

Throughout the process you’re in charge. That means from the first initial phone call to the minute we pack away the last piece of machinery and sweep up for the final time, we’re working to your schedule, your convenience and, most importantly, your expressed wishes. That means we don’t do anything without consulting you first, so if we discover a problem with a damaged floorboard that needs replacing, for example, we will talk to you first before we carry out repairs.


Initially, you can contact us direct and book a free, no-obligation consultation, where one of our experienced surveyors will come in and assess your floor. They’ll talk through the process with you, explaining to you what needs to be done, and helping you choose the right finish for your floor.


A few days after your visit you’ll receive a free, no-obligation quote. We operate a completely transparent pricing policy, so what you see is exactly what you’ll pay, with no ‘hidden extras’ or nasty surprises. At this point you can then arrange a time that suits you for our expert technicians to come in and start work.

No mess, no fuss, no problem

Refurbish hardwood floors does, by its very nature, produce a lot of dust. However, at The Hardwood Floor Renew Company we use the very latest equipment that actively collects the dust as we sand, minimising mess and fuss. We also make sure we leave your home as clean as we found it, so we regard tidying up as an intrinsic part of the job. We’ll even lift and remove your old carpets for you and dispose of them responsibly so you don’t have to!

Our green credentials

We work with the most beautiful natural resource on the planet, so it’s only right that we should do our very best to minimise our impact on our environment. We source reclaimed boards and parquet tiles wherever possible, and use organic products such as natural waxes and oils to bring out the very best in your hardwood floors.

Your outdoor space

We don’t just sand indoor hardwood floors in London – we can look after your outdoor space too. If your decking is looking a little bit worse for wear or if the elements have taken their toll on your wooden patio area, call us. We can sand, treat and seal outdoor wooden decking just as effectively as your living room floor, giving you an outdoor space you can be proud of and that will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

Why not DIY?

Refurbish hardwood floors doesn’t damage them – if it’s done properly! It’s all too easy to make a mistake, and if you’re hiring equipment from a plant hire shop then you have no guarantee that it will do a good job on your floors, or even work properly. Mistakes can be costly, especially when it comes to hardwood floors. London homeowners and businesses have been trusting us for years to do a professional job, so why not let us do all the hard work for you?

Business customers and landlords

We don’t just work with homeowners in London, but businesses and landlords too. If your office, shop or hotel is lucky enough to have a hardwood floor then it can add that ‘wow’ factor to your foyer or reception area, making sure your clients remember you for all the right reasons. We can arrange for regular maintenance packages too, where our teams come in and polish your hardwood floors to keep them looking their very best.


We also appreciate that you need to keep disruption to a minimum, so we’ll work at weekends and in the evenings to ensure your working day isn’t interrupted.


For landlords, a hardwood floor adds real appeal to rental properties, meaning they spend less time vacant and more time earning rental returns. You’ll also find them easier to maintain and keep looking pristine, and cheaper too, when compared to replacing carpets every few years.

Adding value to your home

A hardwood floor adds real value to your home, which is especially important if you’re thinking of selling. For the initial outlay of having your wooden floors sanded, the return on your investment can represent several thousand pounds on your property’s value on the open market. And if you don’t want to sell, you’ll have a gorgeous wooden floor that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

What next?

Simply use our online ‘Get a Quote’ service  to get a free, instant and no-obligation quote. Alternatively, call us today and arrange for your free consultation. You’re only a phone call or a click away from beautiful hardwood floors, courtesy of the Hardwood Floor Polishing  Company.

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It should take between one and two days to complete the job, depending on the size, and another 48-72 hours for your hardwood floor to dry and cure properly.  


Our teams will carry out repairs first, filling gaps and eliminating those annoying squeaks and creeks that can indicate a damaged board. For fine hardwood parquet floors, they’ll check that all the tiles are secure and replace or repair any damages tiles. If we do have to replace any boards, we try to match your existing hardwood floor as closely as possible, sourcing from reclamation experts or from sustainable hardwood suppliers.


We then use various grades of sandpaper to smooth your boards down to a pristine, silky-smooth finish, stripping away years of dirt and grime. Only then do we apply a natural stain, wax or colour, or if the floor is a high-traffic area, a robust varnish that will protect the wood underneath.

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Restoring school halls the easy way


When it comes to restoring school halls, you may be under the impression that the work will need to take place over an extended period of time like the summer holidays. But in actual fact school floor sanding can be undertaken during half-term, and costs less than you might think.


Improving your sports hall with wood floor sanding


Many school sports halls consist of timber flooring, which is easily refurbished by sanding, sealing and buffing. However, it’s important to consider that if your sports hall floor contains vinyl markings for sports purposes (for example, basketball or netball court markings), it may take longer to remove these – in stubborn instances, a lacquer may be needed to dissolve the glue used to hold them in place, and replacement markings would have to be arranged if required.

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School hall parquet floor restoration


Parquet floor repair takes a little bit more care and attention than standard timber floor restoration. Heavy vibration from standard sanding machinery has the potential to damage the small wooden blocks that make up parquet flooring, or cause them to come loose. In order to avoid this, it’s wise to contact a professional floor sanding company like the Floor Sanding Experts, as the right tools and experience are invaluable when it comes to restoring ornate flooring.


Wood floor repairs for safety


Because school halls are used by large numbers of children on a daily basis, it’s important from a health and safety perspective that the flooring is in perfect condition. Splinters from a neglected floor surface have the potential to cause injury, and an uneven surface could cause trips, slips and falls.


While DIY floor sanding can seem like a cost-effective measure, it’s usually too big a risk to take in commercial or public environments – between the scope for making errors or falling foul of safety requirements, it makes sense to use dedicated floor sanding specialists to get the results your school needs.

Preventative measures


In many instances, wood flooring restoration before the surface gets into too much of a state of disrepair can help to save money on a complete floor replacement. For further information on how your school hall could benefit from floor repairs, simply contact a member of the friendly and experienced Floor Sanding Masters team who will be more than willing to discuss your requirements.

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